Innovative Fixation for Ventricular Catheters

VentriFix® is a novel product, designed to fix ventricular drains securely.
VentriFix® largely eliminates the risk of catheter dislocation by unintended tensile stress, occurring, for example, during post-operative transfer or lifting of the patient.
VentriFix® specific design reduces micromovements of the ventricular drainage catheter – an essential contribution to infection prophylaxis and wound healing.
VentriFix® enhances the prevention of catheter-associated infections and thus application of our ventricular catheters VentriGuard® and VentriClear®.
View the results of a real-world product comparison.
VentriFix® and a conventional fixation.

Unique product design
for catheter fixation

Reduces infection risk
during external ventricular drainage

Increased efficiency
reduces risk of revision surgery due to ventricular drain dislocation

Ideal complement
to the VentriGuard® and VentriClear® product concepts