Osseoduo is a control unit designed specifically for bone configuration and abscission of soft and hard tissue during surgery, used mostly for neurosurgery in the brain, the spine, the ear, the nose and the neck. Maxilo-facial surgery, otoneurosurgery, spinal cord surgery and neurosurgery. It comes with 3 function types to chose from: mill, drill and OSSEOSTAP.

Bien-Air offers detachable skull protectors that allow you to select the cutter of your choice according to the procedure. The safety of the micro motor / handle / crankcase assembly is guaranteed with the unique locking system, ensuring zero vibrations with greater accuracy and ease of use. Each handle is integrated with precise irrigation through two nozzles at the end of each nozzle.

The new generation of tools PM2 is up to 51% lighter and 37% small than conventional handles. Comfortable handling is guaranteed.

With the integrated irrigation system, the handle is cooled during a long process, while ensuring perfect visibility and handling. The new handles are compatible with Bien-Air NANO and RAPIDO micro-motors.

The PM2 PERFO handle provides great torque to control even the toughest and thickest bones. Ergonomic design, perfect handling control and excellent performance are what you can benefit from. The design of the Hudson attachment ensures compatibility with all punching tools of this type.

The NANO micro-motor is remarkable for its lightweight, ergonomic and ultra-low-noise design. Exceptional handling and control of NANO is guaranteed due to its reduced size and weight. Extremely precise control and its latest functions make the surgeon’s tool par excellence.


Being 51% lighter and 37% smaller, the new PM2 handlebar series, handling the gears has never been better. The Bien-Air PM2 line offers handles compatible with NANO and RAPIDO micro-motors.

A wide choice of diameters is available in various materials such as: stainless steel, carbide, diamond, rough diamond.The PM2 series of sterile disposable cutters has been specially designed for use with PM2 handles at speeds of up to 80,000 rpm.
The new generation of PM2 can be extended up to 3 different lengths.

Since its founding in 1959, Bien-Air has been offering Swiss-quality tools at ENT and Neurosurgeries. With the best technologies and advanced manufacturing processes, the features of its instruments are guaranteed at the highest level with precision, reliability and ergonomics, development.

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